What is a Housing Co-operative?

Housing cooperatives are member-owned.There is no landlord and therefore no profit-motive, you as a member share in the ownership of the co-op as a whole. Unlike rents, your housing charges only rise only with increases in operating costs and additions to reserve funds, such as Replacement Reserve and Security of Tenure. This results in housing charges that are often substantially lower when compared to for-profit housing units, this translates into quality homes at a fair monthly charge.

As a member, you must purchase a membership share in the co-op as there are no fixed term lease agreements. This entitles you to lifetime residency as long as you are willing to accept the responsibilities of membership. Member participation in the operation of the co-op helps to build a sense of community, and also helps to minimize housing costs. 

Decisions about how the co-op is governed, and ultimately managed, are made democratically by the members through the election of a volunteer board of directors.  Members can participate in their co-op's governance and in the decision-making process by casting a vote at member meetings. 

If you are interested in making a greater impact on your co-op, members can also put their name forward to stand for election to the board of directors.

Carpathia Board of Directors

  • Directors and Terms

    Deborah Dunmall   (expires 2019)

    Jason Smith         (expires 2019)

    Victoria Mark       (expires 2018)

    Diana Gudmundson (expires 2018)

    Claire Mahoney    (epires 2020) 

    James McAlear     (epires 2020)

    Morley Fingard    (expires 2019)